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Quebec City

Legende , Québec City, Canada

We had one of the best tasting menues that we have experienced. This was a great experience in all categories; of food , service and decor. While we rarely choose to rerun a tasting menu this is an exception , we shall return in the future which is the ultimate compliment.

Italian, Italy, Tuscan

Ristorante IL Molo on Lake Trasimeno, Tuscany, Italy : Creative Seafood and beautiful presentations in a casual atmosphere

We got in the car and drove out to Lake Trasimeno our old favorite was still there but the owner has passed so we decided to try something different. We were greeted by a couple of beautiful amuse-bouche, a lovely sponge and small taco. Our starter was the Octopus in potato cream black pesto , I highly recommend it !! Pasta was the “Spaghetti Mancini” perfectly cooked and delicious. the main was a Brook Trout with Leak Blanquette another winner !! We loved our lunch and will definitely return. This is a family bushiness, they all love what they do and it shows.

Italian, Italy, restaurant, Roma, Rome

EMME Restaurant , Rome , Italy Classic Roman with a modern flair.

Located in the Small Luxury Hotel Margutta 19 near the Spanish Steps this small gem has a very serene patio. We enjoyed some fresh seafood and traditional pastas,. The EMME special with Vesuvio Piennolo cherry tomato, fennel tarallo and crusco pepper from Lucania. and CALAMARATA CACIO E PEPE: Rings of short pasta with mint leaves and roasted octopus. The food was excellent and service professional. This was a very relaxing meal away from the bustling streets of Rome.

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Dal Bolognese: Rome Italy

One of our favorites in Rome. Dal Bolognese is the place for special occasions in Rome. It’s frequented by celebrities The food is all high quality and wine list surprisingly has many great choices in the 25-40 Euro range. The meal in general is less expensive than a meal of equal quality in NYC. Food 9 Service 9 and value 9. UPDATE: May 2022 , Glad to report that things only get better at Dal Bolognese !! Hope you get there while they still have the Red Prawns Pasta !!

Italian, Italy, Tuscan

Relais la Leopoldina and Ristorante Walter Redaelli

We arrived at Relais la Leopoldina as guests and depart as family !! We had the pleasure of staying at the relais for 13 nights and it wasn’t enough. Our room had an amazing view ! It had all the amenities required to keep my wife happy for the entire stay. Angela the Chef’s wife was a gracious and welcoming host. The morning breakfasts were a very pleasant surpise but then again Walter wouldn’t let anything pass out the kitchen door that wasn’t great. I love a good omelette and unfortunately very few places do it correctly, when I was served my first Omelette at breakfast I was in heaven !! The entire staff were very helpful and friendly especially Carmen.

During our stay we had several romantic dinners by ourselves and hosted two small parties for our local friends. We preferred to dine outdoors and the weather did cooperate. Our guest were extremely happy on the patio with the great food and friendly service. rather than review every dish individually with you , I’ll give you a brief description of the cuisine. Walter uses seasonal product sourced in the local area many producers within a 10 minute radius. The menu is constantly changing according to product availability. He then prepares them perfectly being a master chef in the area for decades !! Most of the restaurant customers are locals and therefore it doesn’t close for the season like many in the area. Dress is smart casual. My only recommendation is don’t pass on the Steak it’s a life changing experience !!

Florida, Palm Beach

Dada: Delray Beach FL

We haven’t been to DADA for many years and wondering why we waited so long.  Started with Brunt Pork Ends !! Yummy and nice size portion definitely enough to share. The Wedge was impressive nice dressing.  Brie is sweet and gooy delicious ! Crab cake was nice.  Pork Schnitzel was nice tender and not grease !!  Yum !! Hanger Steak special was a bit too overwhelming with the veal Au jus.  Served the without the Au Jus it would have been outstanding !  Great Service and professional management !

Kennebunkport ME, restaurant

White Barn Inn, Kennebunkport ME

Excellent dinner at the White Barn Inn !! Every course was incredible !! Amuse was a squash soup followed by Lobster tagliatelle, Lobster Bisque (perfect) and Kenebunk Lobster. Desert Soufflé and Lemon Olive Oil Semifredo. Food 9.0, Service 8.0 and value 8.0

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Charlie Bird NYC

An excellent lunch special with Lori Mendorff Klugman. A very pleasant surprise! Faro and Gem salads were excellent. Carbonara was very nice : pasta cooked perfectly as was crispy pancetta, conservatively cheesed and nice egg yolk. This is one of the better Carbonara’s we had in the US. Cocktails and wine list not extensive but adequate. The gnocchi were disappointing and returned. We certainly would recommend and return. Food 8.5 , Service 8 and value 8.5. Btw: 2 course lunch is 32 dollars.



France, French Food, Wine

Clown Bar, Paris

Our first visit to the Clown Bar. The location is a bit out of the way near the Cirrus area. The ambiance featuring the Clowns is very intersting as is the food. The food is for those who are adventurous and eat everthing. This is not for your average Grandma. I persaonlly would recommend it only if your a foodie and have several days to explore otherwise there are more essential stops.

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L’avant Comptoir De La Mer

Disclaimer : we really didn’t eat all this food or drink all this wine ! Maybe ???…..LOL

This is really a double post for our two favorite wine bars in Paris. L’avant Comptior and it’s younger sister, L’avant Comptior De La Mer. Tell Eric ( manager/barman at De La Mer) we sent you and follow his recommendations !! Chef Yves Camdeborde has created an amazing variety of small plates to serve at his wine bars next door to his iconic Le Comptoir. You can spend hours exploring the culinary delights displayed on the menu located on the ceilings. They offer many wines by the glass which is the way you want to go, so you can try a few different ones with your food. This is a destination not to be missed on every visit to Paris !!

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Cafe Constant , Paris

Another fun visit to our favorite casual cafe !!! Only thing I can say is “just go” !!
Perhaps one of the best values for a nice meal in Paris ! UPDATE: Cafe Constant is closed !! very sadden !! It will always be in our hearts !!

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Le Violon d’Ingres, Paris

We celebrated Lori’s Birthday in 2018 in Paris ! We decided to visit our old friend Christian Constant at his flagship on Rue Saint-Dominique, Le Violon d’ingress.  This is his Michelin Starred fine dinning establishment. Christian greeted us prior to the meal as he is the omnipresent host at all of his restaurants. The food was excellent however the star of the evening was the Mille-Feuille , we crave it to this day !! its amazing !!!   We highly recommend all of Christian Constants restaurants especially my favorites Cafe Constant and Les Cocottes. Sorry for the delayed posting but too many restaurants too little time ….


Billy’s Stone Crab : Joe’s with a view

We love stone crabs and have previously loved Joe’s in Miami. Billy’s is close to the Boca Raton area and has a water view. Crabs and sides are all excellent including the pasta marinara. Nice wine list and excellent service. Definitely recommend it if your a stone crab fan or seafood in general. We will definitely return. Food 9.0 Service 9.0 and Value 8.5


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Ristoro del Cinghiale NYC

We had a lovely dinner with friend las night everything was great except the mains. :: at Ristoro del Cinghiale

The starters and bread were really amazing and had high hopes for the steak and ribs, Unforutnatly we received two orders of each. Round one was overcooked and round two was raw. The ribs were actually not eatable so tough you could even cut them. The strip side of the steak was tasteless. We did even try on round two because we were afraid. Manager was very nice about the problem because it was obvious. Hopefully they’ll do something about the grill person.

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Tocqueville NYC

We had a great dinner with friends at Tocqueville. The Truffled Grits with an egg was outstanding !! Mushroom risotto was rich and creamy. I hear the fish was perfectly executed. The Short ribs were as tender as butter and tasted great. Deserts also outstanding. Wine list was large and focused towards the higher price points however there were some nice choices at reasonable prices. Corkage at 55 dollars a bottle is also an option with most NYC restaurants charging a 4X markup on wine bringing your own favorites is a good option. Service was friendly but could have used a bit more polishing. Food 9/10 Service 8.5/10 and value 8.5/10.

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Tanoshi NYC

Tanoshi Sushi is our favorite casual sushi place in NYC. They have 3 defined seatings ay 6, 730 and 9. It’s only 95 for the Omakase menu which the only menu. They do offer a few special items at additional cost after the standard menu. They have a BYOB policy which is a very nice and cost saving feature. FOOD 9/10 Service 9/10 and Value 10/10.

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Boulud Sud NYC


Restaruanat Week in NYC continues with our dinner at Boulud Sud. Daniel doesn’t dissappiont at his Mediterranean outlet.   The food and service are “Star” worthy of course I’m referring to Michelin Stars.  We actually enjoyed every course served.  The food preparation was flawless with service to match. We started with Lemon Saffron Pasta which was a repeat from our lunch a couple of days ago if we repeat a dish nothing more has to be said. The octopus was melt in your mouth tender.  Mains both fish and lamb were cooked as ordered and seasoned nicely.  The Grapefruit Givre was simply outstanding !!    A marvelous experience !!

Food 9/10 Service 9/10 and value 8.5/10…..its hard to get above a 8.5 for value in NYC….LOL

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Perry Street NYC